Mr Goh has a very broad and thorough understanding of Mathematics concepts which he ensures is clearly passed on to his students. For me, this helped build a strong foundation which was further boosted by the ample amount of practice he provides. With his unique knowledge of little-used exam tips and strategies (such as GDC shortcuts, alternative solutions to problems, or quick ways to check answers), he helps his students find faster ways to solve problems which can be very helpful in saving time during exams.

Additionally, Mr Goh has a keen eye for detail and thorough knowledge of what examiners are looking for in a student's work. Along with his ability to connect the concepts he teaches across various topics and to real-world implications, he can definitely help students achieve a deeper understanding and appreciation for Math.

2023 Preliminary Results

2023 IB Final Results

EthelynAnglo Chinese International School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2023)

Mr. Clifford Goh tutored me in IB Mathematics Analysis & Approaches and is, by far, the best math teacher I've ever had. He took my math grade from a 4 to a 7. I joined him towards the end of my first IB year.

Being tutored online was foreign to me, leaving me skeptical about the whole concept and signing up with him. However, contrary to popular belief of online teaching being less effective than in person teaching, he still managed to effectively impart his rich math knowledge into me. When I joined him, he completely opened up my eyes and changed the way I viewed math as a subject.

Before, I used to accept formulas as they were taught to me, never questioning how they were derived or applied. This approach worked well for me in secondary school, taking O levels. When I entered IB, Mr. Goh helped me realize that this method of learning was not effective in higher levels of education.

Of course, there was a steep learning curve at the start, where I did not really understand many applications, proofs, "tricks," and ambiguous situations that he said were "important to know," reflected in my grade 4 result during the end-of-year promotional exams. However, these "tricks" eventually clicked, proving extremely useful in solving IB math questions, just as Mr. Goh said.

His teaching method, making me fully understand the formulas instead of memorizing them, was a refreshing change from my previous view of the subject, making me appreciate what I learned from him, which he called "real maths." He advocates for this way of learning because he himself frequently questioned the "why" and the "how," enabling him to have a deeper understanding of the subject than any teacher I've had without exaggeration.

One thing I truly admire about Mr. Goh is that he is not afraid to be hard on me. There have been many instances where he loses his patience because of my stubbornness or the number of careless mistakes I make, revealing his true passion for mathematics and teaching in general. I've talked to Mr. Goh many times after he lost his patience with me, and I've established that it is not personal, and I prefer it this way. In fact, I want to and am here in his class to learn from the best. This also lets me strike a perfect balance of fear and respect for Mr. Goh, whom I look up to.

Additionally, Mr. Goh’s teachings extend beyond the realm of mathematics. He occasionally tells me stories and teaches life skills and money management, cautions me about situations in university, and shares how he managed to land in the position he is in today - in his early 50s, semi-retired, teaching simply out of passion.

Initially, like many, I thought his fees were hefty. However, I believe that you truly have to experience one of these classes yourself to understand the verbal liquid gold he distills for you from decades of knowledge. You pay for what you get, and I'm sure to attain a 7, build a deep appreciation for the subject, and learn math in a new way where the benefits of this learning style can carry over into university. It is absolutely worth it.

If anyone reading this testimony is still contemplating signing up with Mr. Goh, I strongly advise you to sign up with him for a few sessions just to understand what I mean. If you end up staying with him for as long as I did, I'm sure in the following years you will be in the exact same position as me, writing an extremely passionate testimonial because it is the least I could do after what he has done for me.

RyanAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2023)

I joined Mr Goh a few months before my promotional exams in year 5, concerned for my HL mathematics grades as I was struggling to keep up in class. While I understood how to solve basic questions, I realised I did not have a grasp on facing challenging questions. In just a few sessions, Mr. Goh skillfully unraveled the complexities of HL mathematics, providing me with invaluable tips and tricks that not only bolstered my problem-solving skills but also completely changed my entire approach to the subject. His approach went beyond merely explaining the "whys" of mathematical concepts. He illuminated the inherent beauty of mathematics, showcasing its elegance in addressing complex problems. Through his guidance, I not only learned to navigate challenging questions with confidence but also developed a profound appreciation for the artistry inherent in mathematical reasoning.

Mr. Goh's impact extended far beyond the realm of mathematics. His insights and advice on navigating IB preparations, other academic subjects, considerations for university applications, and life experiences proved to be invaluable. Through our interactions, I absorbed lessons that transcended the boundaries of academia, shaping my perspective and fostering personal growth. In particular, Mr Goh’s passion for mathematics not only motivated me to do my best but also inspired me to develop myself further in my own interests.

I believe that Mr Goh’s guidance was the driving force behind my success in HL Mathematics in my IB examinations. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be his student.

NivethaAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2023)

I joined Mr. Goh's math tuition a few months before my year 5 promotional exams, concerned about my Higher Level (HL) mathematics performance. Struggling in class, I needed support to grasp new mathematical concepts.

Mr. Goh's teaching approach was a departure from my usual memorization of formulas without understanding their reasoning. He insisted on explaining the derivation and rationale behind basic formulas, challenging my learning habits. Initially perplexed, I soon realized this approach led to a profound shift in my understanding of mathematics.

As a result, everything started to click. Understanding the reasoning behind formulas empowered me to approach each question with newfound confidence and clarity. Mr. Goh's teaching not only equipped me with problem-solving skills but also fostered a deep appreciation for the significance of logical reasoning in mathematics.

I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to be Mr. Goh's student. His impact on my mathematical performance is immeasurable, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to those seeking more than just a math tutor—a mentor who can unlock the beauty and potential of mathematics."

Gavyn OhAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2023)

Although I have only attended Mr Goh’s math lessons for a few months. I am thrilled to share that my math proficiency has undergone a magnificent transformation. From my common tests to the IB exams, my results have improved tremendously all thanks to the unparalleled expertise of Mr Goh. His remarkable gift for pinpointing common questions and then expanding on them to create new ones has challenged me to think beyond what I thought was possible. Mr Goh's unique approach has introduced me to a variety of problem-solving techniques that have boosted my confidence and expanded my understanding of the subject. I am incredibly grateful for his guidance, which has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in my academic journey.


ClarisseAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2022)

Prior to seeking Mr Goh's guidance, I was struggling with HL Mathematics, and my grades were consistently failing or borderline passing. Fortunately, I decided to reach out to Mr Goh, and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Under his tutelage, I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my performance, culminating in a high 6 for IB, which I am incredibly proud of.

Mr Goh's approach to teaching Mathematics is exceptional, as he not only imparts his knowledge but also trains his students to think critically. I found his classes to be extremely engaging, as he familiarised me with IB-style questions and showed me the best ways to approach them. Through his guidance, I have gained a much deeper understanding of various mathematical concepts, and my confidence has grown tremendously.

Mr Goh's expertise has undoubtedly played a crucial role in my academic journey, and I am extremely grateful for his support. I firmly believe that without his guidance, I would not have achieved the level of success that I have. Thanks to him, I have not only been able to overcome my struggles but have also developed a genuine love for Mathematics.

Overall, I would highly recommend Mr Goh to anyone who is looking to improve their understanding of Mathematics. His classes are transformative, and his expertise is unparalleled. Whether you're struggling with the subject or simply want to enhance your skills, Mr Goh is the ideal teacher who can help you reach your goals..


HannahSt Joseph's International
Grade 6 for HL Math (2022)

Before going for Mr Goh’s lessons, I consistently had gotten a Grade 2-3 for the various tests and exams. After his committed tutelage, I have managed to attain a Grade 7 in the IB Math AA syllabus examination in a relatively short time frame.

Mr Goh, paced me to learn the topics with sufficient depth, while making the necessary connections with other topics.  He starts off with a simple idea, and builds on it to a complex idea so that you can truly appreciate the beauty behind every theory or formula.  Mathematics became less mundane and more fun to learn. Internal Assessment (IA) for mathematics is particularly daunting for many, as teachers in school typically provide skimpy feedback, owing to the time constraints and IB restrictions. Especially when I'm doing IA, he has provided very good ideas as well as consistent and detailed guidance, for after his years of experience as an IB teacher, he knows precisely what the examiners are looking for.  Since IA is a very important component of the grade, as it constitutes 20% of the final grade, Mr Goh has helped me secure a high grade in IA and I therefore would not have as much pressure to do extremely well for the final written examination.

Lastly, Mr Goh teaches you certain GDC savviness that are unknown to students and teachers to not only double check, but more importantly, obtain the answers in the fastest manner. Time is of the essence in Math AA syllabus examinations and these skills will be essential in maximising your grades.

Kaile (2nd Testimonial)SJI
Grade 7 HL Math (2021)

Mr Goh is an exceptional educator with the ability to pinpoint and address specific gaps in his students' understanding. He possesses a strong grasp in the subject given his many years of teaching, which allows him to clearly teach his students his own incredible exam strategies and best methods to tackle trickier questions. Additionally, he has initiative and often attends courses about math and bothers to find out changes in its testing over the years, hence placing him ahead of regular school teachers in terms of understanding. Though I only had less than 4 months of time with him, he was miraculously able to push my Mathematics grade from 3 in CTs to 7 in IB examinations. I strongly recommend him to any student interested in truly appreciating the subject and eager to actually internalise how to approach it correctly.

Win KyiAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2021)

My Maths IA was by far one of the most difficult tasks of my IB. But luckily , at the start of my IB Year 2, I started working on it with Mr Goh. Mr Goh gave me clear guidance throughout the process- this allowed me to transition through it smoothly. Additionally Mr Goh’s approach allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of my IA that later helped me when I was finally proofreading my IA before submitting it. Above all though, I think Mr Goh has truly improved my understanding of mathematics. The tips and tricks I gained from him really helped me finally achieve the level 7 for HL Maths. I truly would recommend him for anyone starting their maths ia and HL Maths students.

HarrySt Joseph Institute International School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2021)

Mr Owen has been a skilled tutor. He has guided me throughout the IB course and helped me achieve a 7 in IB economics HL and A for TOK. There were times where I was drained but through hard work with Owen, who pushed me towards more knowledge and practice, I was able to reach my full potential of a perfect score for HL Economics and TOK. He has been an interesting teacher to work with and I really appreciate the knowledge he has passed onto me. Without him, this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you Owen.

Ben H.Le Rosey International School New York
Grade 7 for HL Economics (2021)

Mr Owen has been an extremely nurturing tutor, allowing me as a student to shape my working standards to their maximum. Furthermore, Owen is very effective and efficient in every class and pushes me to the limit, allowing myself to achieve the highest grade possible in TOK in the IB.

InmoLe Rosey International School
Grade 7 for TOK (2021)

Mr Goh tutored me from the start of Year 5 up till my graduation in Year 6. I’m sure you would’ve read many reviews of brilliant students praising Sir’s amazing math intuition where he is able to seamlessly integrate concepts from different chapters and extend his teachings to real-life applications beyond the discipline of mathematics itself. I write my testimony (written autonomously – no strings attached) from the perspective of a student who was not naturally inclined towards Mathematics, but gradually fell in love with it after being taught by Mr Goh. Before I start, I just want to thank you (Sir) for your patient instruction for the last two years. It wasn’t easy being your student due to the numerous challenges and obstacles we had to overcome together, but I learnt a lot.

Initially, I studied math for its practicality, not completely because of my love for the subject. Nonetheless, as i had the fortune of meeting Sir, I was exposed to a syllabus that surpassed your average classroom content. Suddenly, math wasn’t so dry. Even as a student who was considered average in mathematics, I experienced several “wow” moments every session, even if I didn’t always understand his teachings at first. My Math Exploration (ME) in particular impressed me, and after all the confusing nights and hints left by Sir, I managed to come up with a report that I never knew I was capable of producing. Moreover, it was very different from what the rest of my peers had come up with.

Even if you are a student who studies math as a means to an end without the innate desire to understand further, I can guarantee you that Sir’s approach in ensuring academic excellence for your exams is strategic and foolproof. Whenever Sir teaches you to deal with a problem, he gives you two to three methods. After being with him for a while, he will also impart upon you some mathematical sense or GDC savviness that will help you to double check your answers.

Personally, I believe that the best part about being Sir’s student is that no matter how strong or weak you are, if you are willing to commit effort, he will really try his best to help you. He is about as communicative as you are with him, but also about as desperate (or passionate) as you get. Also, he’ll only ever get angry at you for laziness, but never for being slow. I think that there is no doubt, Sir’s fees are very expensive, which may put some people off. But at the end of the day I really felt the difference. Not just in mathematical ability, but also in conventional life wisdom. Given the chance to travel back in time, I would’ve definitely made the same decision of learning under Sir.

Grade 6 for HL Math

Mr Goh helped me pull my math grade from a U to an A in the span of 3 short months.

Throughout JC, I was always struggling with H2 math. No matter how I studied, I wasn't able to fully comprehend the concepts, and thus could not solve the questions at all. As a result, I failed all my test grades, from the smallest class quiz to the end-of-Year promotional exams. I had almost given up, and thought that since I lacked the natural aptitude for Math, there was no hope for me to improve my math results. However, under the urging of my mother, I decided to try out lessons with Mr Goh.

Even though I didn't have a lot of confidence in myself, Mr Goh made sure to remind me that I was capable of achieving good marks in math. This was vital in helping me in my A-level math journey, and really played an essential role in keeping me motivated for this subject. Mr Goh made learning a very enjoyable experience and under his guidance, I slowly started to comprehend the mathematical concepts which I previously found so difficult. He had tips and tricks that were not taught in school, and was able to guide me to approach question solving in novel ways that were incredibly intuitive. He also pushed me to work harder and harder for math, ensuring that I did my due diligence in the form of practice questions and papers. Ultimately, during the A level papers, I managed to answer every single question, something that I had failed to do throughout my JC experience.

For A levels, I scored an A for math, the first A in the past two years, and I can say with 100% confidence that I owe it to Mr Goh. Thank you!

Grade A for H2 Math
Improved from 30% to A in 3 months.

Mr Goh is an exceptional teacher. I was really struggling in SL Math and was fortunate to have Mr Goh as my teacher. He can explain concepts clearly and taught me how to effectively tackle different types of questions. There were times when I felt like giving up but Mr Goh kept me on track and pushed me on. Through his dedication and tough love at times, I persevered. I worked through countless questions and papers with Mr Goh’s guidance. I managed to score a 7 in SL Math and owe this success to Mr Goh! Thank you Sir !

BenSt Joseph International
Grade 7 SL Math

With Mr Goh’s help, I managed to improve by leaps and bounds in Maths. Although I only joined after my mid-year exams in Year 6, which was considerably later than most of his students, I was able to grasp content that I could not understand for months under Sir’s patient teaching. I am thankful for all the time Sir devoted to meet up with me multiple times a week so that I would be able to catch up with the syllabus. While weakness in Math since Yr 5 led to my fervent dislike of the subject, as Sir guided me in understanding and applying content to the questions in an incremental process, I became more interested in math and even started enjoying working on math questions.

Apart from teaching the syllabus like most teachers, Sir also explained how mathematical concepts were present in real-world situations which helped me to appreciate the math that I was learning. Moreover, I wish to reiterate how grateful I am to Sir. Due to my initial lack of content, Sir had to repeat basic concepts quite a few times as I took time to grasp it. Despite this, Sir was very patient and encouraging, giving me time to absorb his teaching by explaining how to solve a question until I clearly understood. Sir always made me rack my brains over difficult questions before guiding me to the solution. I appreciate Sir's teaching style as it taught me how to think through what I had learnt before and break down the question to see how I could apply the knowledge I had. At the end of all the lessons, I had not only improved drastically in math, I had also gained a newfound appreciation of the subject as well as valuable life skills.

Comment from Tutor Mr Clifford Goh

"She missed grade 7 marginally. I read her math IA & it was 12/20 piece of work. If she has come to me earlier for her Math IA, she would have achieved grade 7 for HL math."

AndreaAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 6 for HL Math
"Learning Maths under Mr Goh during the last few weeks before my exams has definitely improved skills a lot in a short amount of time. He cleared many of my misconceptions in Maths that has strengthened my understanding and grasps of the concepts. It was also a fun experience learning under him with his humour while at the same time being able to clearly explain everything thoroughly. I got better in Maths and increased the scope of my understanding in a short amount of time span thanks to Mr Goh."
Comment from tutor Mr Goh: " Jet is smart and has the intuition to solve Math problem sums. I was only given a few weeks to help him improve his presentation of solutions and it was his Math IA that caused him to miss his Grade 7. If only I've had the opportunity to also coach him in his Math IA."
Grade 6 for SL Math

Starting my HL Math course I was quite confident in my personal abilities, a sentiment that turned out to be highly misguided. My first asessment resulted in my school teacher reluctant to allow me to continue in the course, it was then I sought out help and found Mr.Goh. He was able to identify my weaknesses and drill into them, even when I was reluctant to face my own deficiencies. His deep knowledge of the IB was integral in the formation of my IA, namely in topic selection and learning efficient mannerisms to display mathematical  content. Through the aid of Mr.Goh I was able to progress from fearing failing HL Math to receiving a six.

Nikunj Agarwal
Nikunj AgarwalLéman Manhattan Preparatory School (New York)
Grade 6 for HL Math (2020)

Eric ChaUnity Secondary School - Sec 4

Mr Goh has a strong grasp of mathematical concepts and often encourages us to not only memorise but truly understand how various mathematical formulas are derived so we can better apply them regardless of the question type.

He is also a passionate teacher that frequently gives us thinking questions to stretch us and challenge our understanding of fundamental concepts. He then shows us more than a single method of solving the question, allowing us to broaden our thinking and better appreciate how different topics are inter-related.

His help enabled Kai Le to improve from B in PSLE to A1 and A2 for E Math and A math in O levels respectively. Kai Xuan also managed to attain A for H2 Math in A levels.

Kaixuan & Kaile
Grade A for H2 Math

Mr Goh’s Mathematics lessons has helped raised my Mathematics results greatly from a bare minimum pass.

His great knowledge in Mathematical concepts provides his students insights to methods of solving various types of questions, and gives a different perspective to solving questions, which allows students to understand the Mathematical concepts more easily.

He is also experienced and knowledgeable about the IB Mathematics syllabus, allowing him to prepare his students well and aiding them in their examinations.

Additionally, Mr Goh’s emphasis on GDC skills has allowed me to grasp GDC skills confidently, thus equipping me with the relevant skills for the IB Mathematics examinations.

Mr Goh’s guidance in my Internal Assessments through providing deeper understanding in my exploration has also enabled me to complete my Internal Assessments with relative ease.

Thank you Mr Goh!

Wu ShuangSOTA
Improved from barely a pass to Grade 6

Mr Goh was very helpful during my process of Math Exploration. After a poor first draft, he encouraged me to think of a new topic of interest then pushed me to think deeply. He made sure that I took charge of my learning and provided me with the confidence I needed to excel. Despite being an SL student, my exploration was of a very high standard and I would like to thank Mr Goh for his guidance.


Aarthi Shivkumar
Aarthi ShivkumarACS Indep Cohort of 2019

Dear Mr Goh,

I am writing to let you know how much our son, Gareth has benefited from and enjoyed his classes with you.

Through your knowledgeable experience, passion and guidance, Gareth exceled in his recent IB Math examination on May 2019, and achieved a perfect score of 7. As parents, we were thoroughly overjoyed with his accomplishment, as it has not been an easy journey for him to attain this result.

Without a doubt, we would confidently recommend you to other parents/students who wish to excel in their IB Math program. We believe that the students under your tutelage will excel equally well just like how Gareth did in his paper.

Thank you, Mr Goh, for all of your work, sacrifice and energy! Thank you for tapping and unleashing the inner potential in Gareth.

Gareth’s mom
Gareth's mom

Mr Goh is an excellent Maths teacher, with a well-deserved pedigree under his belt.

Being an ex-teacher from 3 different JCs and an world-renowned IB school, he clearly understands the syllabus and the questions posed by both Cambridge and the IB board. In this way, he is very in-touch with the current syllabus and thus able suitably predict the types of problems thrown by the respective examination ministries.

He is currently teaching in a reputable international IB school. He managed to boost my U grade in Maths during my J1 year to a B in J2 prelims, with me even securing a place in the 80th percentile. This eventually resulted in me obtaining an A in my A levels examination for Maths, and it was all thanks to Mr Goh’s teaching and hard work.

He is very knowledgeable in mathematical concepts and will not hesitate to start from the very fundamentals in order to allow the student to further understand and grasp the concept. His explanations were always easy to grasp and apply in examinations. But yet at the same time, he will not spoon-feed you and will require you to work on your own to solve challenging questions once the explanations were given, in this way I was able to better understand the intricacies of Maths and not just rely on fixed formulas or stratagems.

Through this way, I developed a greater understanding of concepts thus allowing myself to solve or at the very least set up the thinking process in order to solve the problem.

Moreover, he is a very understanding teacher, he understands the rigour of being a JC student and urged me to not only focus on my maths but my other subjects as well. He manages to build strong rapport with his students by not only teaching very well but also spends time to talk about other real world topics that will be very valuable in the working world.

It is a joy to learn from Mr Goh and I would like to thank him for being an overall great tutor!

Wayne Lee – Anglo Chinese Junior College (Score:  A in H2 Math)
Wayne LeeAnglo Chinese Junior College
Grade A in H2 Math

Mr Clifford Goh has helped me a lot with my Mathematical Exploration.

Initially, I did not have much understanding about this component of HL Math and was unable to even submit a sound proposal to my teacher. However, Mr Goh went through a thorough revision of the HL Math syllabus for the core topics and this process helped me identify a topic which I was keen in exploring.

While Mr Goh guided me throughout the entire process, he also gave me lots of opportunities to explore new knowledge for myself. When it comes to the proving of formula, he did not just spoon-feed me with the answer. Rather, he worked alongside me, giving me time to try proving the formula myself first, before helping me when I got stuck halfway through.

Overall, I have learnt a lot from the M.E. and this process has been pivotal in inculcating in me a love for math. Mr Goh is definitely a great math teacher, and it would have been impossible for me to obtain a 7 in HL Math without his guidance for M.E.!

WenAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for Math Exploration

Mr. Goh is a passionate teacher who has helped me through both my Mathematical Exploration (ME) and my HL Math papers.

Being his student for a year, he has helped me tremendously in my understanding of complex mathematical concepts and also have a greater appreciation of the subject.

During his lessons, he uses interesting stories to illustrate certain topics which was very useful for Statistics in particular. He has the ability to engage me and even reignited my passion for this subject. Meanwhile, for my ME, he helped me by first providing a large range of possible ME ideas, where he advised me along the way to best cater to my expectations and interests.

Following, he continually guided me in my report writing by providing assistance throughout the process. Instead of simply spoon feeding me, he has effectively allowed me to explore the solutions by myself before he clarifies my doubts, explaining it to me patiently till I can fully comprehend it.

Mr. Goh is truly an inspiring teacher who has assisted me greatly through my HL math journey. Without his efforts and guidance, I will not be able to improve impressively to eventually attain a 7 in my IB exams.

Megan – Anglo Chinese Independent School (Score: 7 for HL Maths)
MeganAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math

Mr. Goh 是我在新加坡遇到的最好的数学老师。




非常感谢Mr. Goh 这两年来对我在数学上的帮助,让我在新加坡求学阶段没有留下遗憾。谢谢。

(English Translation)
Mr. Goh is the best math teacher I encountered in Singapore .

Not only is he highly proficient in math content, he has many unique teaching methods. During his lesson I learned not just how to answer questions, prepare for the examination but also developed my understanding and appreciation of mathematics and its applications in real life.

He has a detailed and comprehensive program that helped me moved with ease from the stage of acquiring new mathematical knowledge to revision before examinations. That allowed me to lay a solid foundation for mathematical knowledge and applications and thus  achieve extraordinary grade in my final exam.

Thank you Mr. Goh for these two years of Math education, giving me an in depth and profound understanding and appreciation of what Math really is.

Xiaolin – ISS International School (Grade 7 for HL math)
XiaolinISS International School
Grade 7 for HL math

Mr Goh was an excellent math tutor, both in terms of the content which he taught us as well as interacting with us cheerfully.

He helped both my friend and I develop a solid foundation for the Math HL subject, as well as guided us as we worked to complete the Internal Assessment. He thoroughly covered both the core and option sections of the HL syllabus, first in a lesson format before going taking up a Q and A style as our exams drew near.

For example, he also paid extra attention to our statistics option, which was the area in which I was weakest in. The thing which separates Mr Goh from other math tutors was his desire and openness to teach us concepts which were out of the syllabus, so as to inculcate a love for mathematics as more than just a subject. Furthermore, he is also familiar with all aspects of the HL mathematics syllabus, which makes him an ideal tutor for students regardless of their mathematical ability.

I am thoroughly thankful to all the help he gave me throughout my IB journey, and I strongly recommend other students interested in tuition to contact him.

Thanks Sir, although I couldn’t get 7 still thankful for the guidance

Timothy TanACS Independent
Grade 6 for HL math

Mr Goh is very knowledgeable about various topics in mathematics – often being able to relate many different concepts together.

Many lessons included applications of the mathematics I am learning in school to real life which helped make the lessons alive. Not only is he strongly grounded in what he teaches, he clearly explains and guided me well throughout the lessons, helping me to fully understand what was being taught.

With him, I could learn cover the topics necessary well and in a timely manner as well. He also responded well to questions given to him even when it might have been out of syllabus or he might have been unprepared for it.

Overall, I am very glad to have been taught by Mr Goh.

Samuel ACS independent
Grade 7 for Nov 2016 HL Math

“Finally, I wanted to say that you are the best mathematics teacher I have had in my years of schooling in this school. I learnt more from you than from any other math teacher.” Jie Jun (ACSI)

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Comments: Jie Jun achieved International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) Silver and Gold medals in 2010 and 2011 respectively. I’m glad to have been able to impart some knowledge to him. He also achieved a perfect 45 points for his IB diploma and obtained the book prize for HL math. He received many awards including The Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science (LKY Maths & Science Award).

Jie Jun ACSI

“Mr Goh imparted me with a strong foundation in mathematics.

He made sure that I completed the assignments on time and achieved my goals in a steady manner. His passion for mathematics made the subject so much more engaging and boosted my appreciation for mathematics as well.

Due to his skills as a teacher, I was always more eager to wait for his classes to ask him my doubts, as he would show me not one, but multiple ways to answer the same question. This ensured that I did not just memorize the solution, but assimilated the logic appropriately.

Mr Goh also provided me with useful resources, which would ensure that my understanding of mathematics was not just limited to the exam board I was writing for.

Thanks to him, I was able to get a 7 in HL mathematics, and secure the top marks in my cohort for Year 6 in the IBDP Program. Thank you for enabling me to persevere and ace in maths. ”

Meghna RayGlobal Indian International School
Grade 7 in HL Math

“Mr Goh is well versed in mathematics and is able to correctly identify weaknesses in his students.

His notes are concise and easy to follow, the follow up questions help to clear doubts and correct any misconceptions early. He also fuels my curiosity as he explains concepts which are not required within the syllabus but help me to understand what I learn better.

Instead of spoon feeding, he let me explore different concepts by myself , giving me a deeper understanding of math and guiding me through the process. Concepts became easier to understand.

His practices demanded diligence and self discipline, which is an important trait to ingrain. It allowed me to practice continuously and stay in touch with math.

Thank you for your help and passion in math which helped me get an A in H2 math for the A levels”

NeyaNational Junior College
Grade A

“At the end of 2014 I was looking for a Higher Level Mathematics teacher seeing as how I had failed the year end examination. After some searching, my father had seek the help of Mr. Goh.

I had had many tuition teachers before Mr. Goh but I was still unable to bring my Math grade up.

At the time, Mr. Goh was already teaching Higher Level Mathematics at ACS Independent so he was already well versed with the IB programme and what was required to get a high score in the subject. This meant that he was always on the ball with me and was able to provide help in all aspects of the course which included my Internal Assessment (Mathematical Exploration).

Mr. Goh made it a point to explain to his students not only how but also why concepts in Higher Level Mathematics work. This in turn allowed me to attain a deeper understanding of the various topics and thus, little was left to memory work. This was especially effective since the questions in the examination could become extremely challenging.

Having taught IB for several years, Mr. Goh understood how demanding the subject was. He explained that Higher Level Mathematics was a subject that required three times the amount of time for study and practice as compared to any other subject. Thus, he always made sure that I had more than enough practice. With his help, I was able to tackle any question.

It was a pleasure to learn from him. Above all else, Mr. Goh taught me discipline and focus, lessons that I cherish.

Thank you for bringing a failing student to a grade 6 (A); this was done in less than a year’s time.

Click here to view David’s result slip

David PangAnglo-Chinese International School
From fail to Grade 6 in HL Math within 1 year

“Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher. You have made Mathematics more intriguing and shown me the way to explore it on my own. Seeing a proof to a problem is not as satisfying as producing one myself, and Mathematics – the basis of all Sciences – is more enjoyable that way.” – Tri (ACSI)

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Comments: He achieved 44 points for his IB diploma and grade 7 in HL mathematics. He was also in the HL mathematics Dean’s list in year 5.


“Mr. Goh is a teacher like no other. Math lessons become fun and engaging under his charge. He brings to students a wide variety of questions, resulting from his many hours of research and lesson preparation. Coupled with many interesting methods to not only overcome, but understand questions, Mr. Goh ensures that his students are well prepared for any mathematical assessment.” – Mike (ACSI)

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Comments: Mike scored an impressive 44 points for his IB diploma and topped his class in HL Mathematics. He went on to study in NUS medicine faculty.


“Thanks for all the help rendered in HL mathematics. You laid a strong foundation for me in mathematics which proved to be helpful while preparing for my IBDP in year 6 , particularly in pure math .

Your interesting lessons not only enabled me to grasp mathematical concept easily but also gave me a more holistic appreciation of the topic. I will never forget the inner joy I experienced when you derived a formula.” – Ray (ACSI)

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Comments: Ray scored an impressive 44 points for his IB diploma. He went on to study in  NUS medicine faculty.


“In the beginning of JC 1, I was struggling with mathematics as I was always weak in maths.

Mr Goh always made his lessons so interesting with so many stories that tied it so nicely with the concepts he was trying to put across. He is always ready to answer all my questions and go through all the concepts time and time again because I missed many lectures in jc due to cca commitments.

He made me improve tremendously and he also sparked an interest in me for the subject. His refreshing lessons left me in awe every week waiting for the next one to come to ask more questions and find out more.

My grades improved and I finally graduated with an A grade in A levels 2013.”

Nisha Baskar – student of VICTORIA JC (2012-2013)
Nisha BaskarVICTORIA JC (2012-2013)
Grade A in H2 Math

“Mr Goh is an excellent Mathematics tutor who has ample knowledge about the subject and the requirements of the curriculum.

I had difficulties understanding Mathematics in the past but Mr Goh’s clear explanations have helped me understand the subject much better and my results have improved. The honest feedbacks and tips he has given me regarding my performance in school tests and practice papers has effectively helped me learn my mistakes and brush up on certain areas that I am weak in.

I may be still failing or barely passing Mathematics if not for his great teachings. Thank you for everything and helping me to obtain grade A for H2 Mathematics.”

Gladys – River Valley High
GladysRiver Valley High
Grade A in H2 Math

“He (Mr Goh) puts in a lot of effort into ensuring that students are taught through understanding, not just by memorizing. He applies concepts taught in class to real life situations, that make lessons very interesting. He encourages us to learn independently and not limit the study of Maths to just classroom setting.”

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Yann Ting

Eric scored 60/60 for A Maths Paper One and 58/60 for Paper Two under Mr Goh’s skillful and patient guidance.


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