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Mr Clifford Goh offers  H1 & H2 Math (A’ level); SL, HL Math & Math IA (IB)

Mr Owen Goh offers HL History, HL Economics, SL Chemistry & Theory of Knowledge (IB)

Mr Cornelius Chew is HL and SL Physics in the IB, CIE/IP/GCE H2 and H1 Physics in the A Levels, GCE/IGCSE O Level Physics.

Mr Sean Teo offers HL & SL Physics (IB), H2 & H1 Physics (A Levels), O Level Physics; SAT Physics.

Mr Jonathan offers SL Language/Literatre; HL/SL Physics

About Mr Clifford Goh

Mr Goh is passionate about Math and teaching of Math to let students see, appreciate and understand the development of Math before drilling to score. To improve his content knowledge he pursued MEd(Math) and the master course made him realise that learning should come from within yourself. Henceforth a lot of his teaching are based on understanding the development of knowledge, self discovery, asking oneself lots of “why” questions and keep perfecting his teaching and make learning less painful for his students. Learning and teaching are alike, never ending and forever exciting. He hopes to pass on this passion of learning and he always reminds students after you “Learn”, taking the L-plate away means you EARN!

EARN can be in terms of gaining financial wealth, knowledge, applying Math concepts to everyday problems in life, finding new passion, and of course obtaining academic excellence.

About Mr Owen Goh

Are you tired of scoring poor marks for the IB, and not having a clue of what is going on? I completely understand, because that was me, before I figured out how to study smart, not hard.

I graduated from the IB with 44 points, and managed to top my entire IB cohort for HL History by scoring 90% in total. Here are my grades as follows:

Higher Level (Grade / Percentage)
History: 7 (90%)
Mathematics: 7 (94%)
Economics: 7 (88%)
Standard Level (Grade / Percentage)
Chemistry: 7 (88%)
Chinese: 7 (95%)
Language and Literature: 6 (75%)
Bonus 3 points
TOK: A / (25/30)
Mathematics Extended Essay: B

For 5 out of 6 subjects, I exceeded the grade boundary for a 7 by OVER 10%. I topped the entire cohort in HL History and achieved these grades, not out of pure coincidence, but through a culmination and refinement of studying methods that I had discovered through trial and error over my two years in the IB.

Since I was young, I had always sought to study SMART. I’m not advocating to learn less, i’m insisting that the best way to learn, is by implementing the right study methods to maximize your learning whilst reducing burnout.

Halfway throughout IB, I began tutoring a friend of mine, who was scoring rock bottom marks for HL Economics. He simply could not grasp or link the numerous concepts involved, and his essays were a complete mess. However, after he began to adopt my methods and guidelines towards studying for HL Economics, he eventually scored an impressive 83% for his IB Exam. Not bad for someone who had previously left an entire essay question blank for our preliminary examinations.

Now, you might ask, what does this have to do with me? It has everything to do with you, because I am here to impart my knowledge to help and benefit your learning. As an IB alumni, I know the syllabus like the back of my hand, as well as the right methods that will guarantee top marks. Forget hiring tuition teachers who are outdated or unfamiliar with the constant changes to the syllabus, or tutors who are completely clueless about how to help with your IAs. I guarantee that under my tutelage, you will not only witness your score increasing, but you will also develop a newfound passion and understanding for the subjects that you take. Moreover, you will gain access to my dossier of top-class notes that enhanced and complemented my learning throughout.

I am able to offer tuition services for HL History, HL Economics, SL Chemistry, and Theory of Knowledge.

If you are a secondary school student, I am able to teach History and Chemistry at a secondary school level.

You may be wondering why I omitted HL Mathematics from the list of subjects I can teach. Although I scored great marks for Mathematics, I refuse to offer tuition services for subjects where I cannot absolutely guarantee a 7. HL Mathematics is a subject which requires years of accumulated knowledge for one to confidently teach. Mr Clifford Goh is one such example, as he is the most experienced Mathematics tutor I know, with over two decades of teaching experience under his belt in various institutions, including teaching the IB for close to 10 years.

About Mr Cornelius Chew

Cornelius is offering his coaching services for HL and SL Physics in the IB, CIE/IP/GCE H2 and H1 Physics in the A Levels, GCE/IGCSE O Level Physics.

  • Curious about how the universe works? Interested to improve the design of a commercial space shuttle like Elon Musk?
  • Hope to enjoy learning Physics going with the “flow’ and improving your grades along the way?
  • Discover Physics concepts through specially crafted work-sheets and
  • Improve your grades through deep conceptual understanding and improved critical
    thinking skills!

During Student Overseas Experiential Learning trips to China, Germany, and Switzerland as well as project collaboration NTU, the joy of exploration and the thrill of thinking out of the box was evident on everyone’s faces. The excitement of being able to apply Physics principles to the real development of Clean and Green Energy and seeing the fruits of research is priceless. The immense joy of learning even beats winning at National Science Competitions!

A National Day Award Winning teacher, PSC teaching scholar and former HCIS lecturer with years of experience, Mr Chew has coached many HL/SL IB students achieve grade 7 in their IB examinations.

Even academically challenged students have also shown tremendous improvements (3 to 7!) after persevering. As a former junior college teacher, Mr Chew combines the rigor of the A levels content with the coherence of the diverse scope of the IB syllabus to create a wonderful learning experience.

About Mr Sean Teo

Sean is offering his tuition services for HL and SL Physics in the IB, H2 and H1 Physics in the A Levels, O Level Physics, as well as SAT Physics.

Sean completed his A levels in 2018 at Hwa Chong Institution, one of the top academic institutions in Singapore. In Hwa Chong, his results for Math and Physics were consistently within the top 5 percentiles in his cohort of over 1000 people. Excelling in the sciences, he was part of the school’s team for the Math and Physics Olympiad where he proceeded to achieve a Silver and Bronze award respectively at the national level.

Eventually, he went on to achieve a perfect score at the A levels, scoring an A for all his academic subjects – H2 Physics, H2 Chemistry, H2 Math, H2 Economics, and H1 General Paper.

He has had multiple years of experience preparing students for various exams ranging from the IB to the A levels to the SATs. His students have achieved remarkable improvements under his tutelage, improving as much as 30 marks in their exams, and with many scoring an A in their final exams. He is confident that with his wealth of experience, and his familiarity with the syllabus (having completed his exams in 2018), he would be able to help students excel in Physics.

About Mr Jonathan

I would describe my teaching method as discursive. When I tutor, I hear out my student’s ideas first and work to refine them rather than give them answers straight away. Results are my priority so I keep my lessons efficient and focused. If a teaching method does not match a student’s learning style, I will try another that will.

I was on the Dean’s List for Economics in Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and will begin studying Economics in Cambridge University later this year. Received the following grades for IBDP:

Total: 45/45

Physics – 7 (88%)
Mathematics – 7 (95%)
Economics – 7 (86%)

History – 7 (80%)
Language & Literature A – 7 (92%)
Chinese B – 7 (93%)

EE (History) – A (29/34).
On President Lyndon Johnson’s role in the military escalation of the Vietnam War.

TOK – A (26/30).
On the question “Are disputes over knowledge claims within a discipline always resolvable?” with reference to Mathematics and Economics.

We offer coaching in

Express & IP Math
H1 & H2 Math (A level)
H2 Further Math (A level)
HL Math / SL Math (IB)