Why Do Our Students Perform Better Than Others?

Our students are equipped with the following exam skills which give them an edge over their peers:-

1) Our students have the flair for using the correct formulas  in A level and IB exams.

Many math educators are not aware which formulas are awarded marks in different exams. Our tutors will also point out and correct the wrong mathematical concepts taught by many math educators.

2) Our students are adept at presenting clear and easy to understand solutions in an exam.

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. Students can only score well when the presentation of solutions is crystal clear.

3) Our students are taught how to create alternative solutions to double check their answers. 

We are always blinded towards our initial solution so are unable to spot our careless mistakesSome alternative solutions are created by our tutors which are simple and elegant but not known to other math educators

4) Our students are GDC savvy.

There are some simple skills not taught elsewhere.

5) Our tutors would select the right past exam papers for students to practise to save time.

Students will not need to spend precious time doing every past year paper. The tutors will provided extension from past year papers for HL Math Paper 3 questions and some can be so rich in content that they can be used as Math IA topics.