Why Is HL Math So Tough?


    1. Student lacks number sense

      An overreliance on calculators among students can lead to deficiencies in mental arithmetic and an inability to recognize numerical patterns. This dependence on technology may hinder students’ problem-solving skills and hinder their ability to apply mathematical concepts to real-world situations. The lack of encouragement and opportunities for students to practice mental arithmetic and develop their pattern recognition abilities can impact the student’s performance in HL math.

    2. Weak in algebra manipulation

      Numerous students do not have enough practice in algebra manipulation, resulting in a limited ability to manipulate algebraic expressions, typically at a level equivalent to secondary 1 or 2. Consequently, many students lose a significant portion of their marks in algebra-based tasks, either because they struggle to progress beyond the first or second step, or because they employ incorrect manipulations, leading them in the wrong direction.

    3. Drill without understanding

      Students who learn without understanding may resort to memorizing steps to solve problems. This approach can be problematic because when questions are presented in a slightly different manner, students may become perplexed about how to proceed. Additionally, teachers may provide a solution method without explaining the reasoning behind it or how to apply it to different scenarios, which may hinder students’ ability to think critically and independently.

    4. Unable to think out of the box

      Students are content with being able to devise a solution method; however, to cultivate their ability to think creatively, we should encourage them to propose several approaches to solve a given problem. The HL Mathematics Paper 3 syllabus is similar to that of Papers 1 and 2 but contains two challenging application questions worth 27 or 28 marks each. Many teachers believe that it is impossible to prepare students for these questions as they evaluate their comprehension and require students to apply their knowledge in new and innovative ways.

    5. Lack of proper guidance

      Due to the complexities of IB maths, many parents or educators who may not have experienced the subject first-hand themselves are unable to relate or offer guidance in ways that the student specifically need in order to excel. IB Math isn’t that difficult but proper guidance must be given to the student in order to enable them to adequately and creatively respond to the multitude of questions asked.

      However here at Singapore IB Math, we believe different and we want our
      students to score well in their papers because they understand and can
      creatively and eloquently deliver stellar solutions to the questions asked.

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In addition to providing a list of numbers and numerous questions to illustrate the importance of recognising numerical patterns, Mr. Goh thoroughly explains concepts such as logarithm laws and trigonometry formulas. He also introduces various question types at different stages of learning and encourages students to establish connections between relevant formulas to identify their interrelationships.

Moreover, Mr. Goh trains students in GDC skills to facilitate problem-solving and answer checking in Papers 2 and 3, and emphasizes clear presentation of solutions to maximize examination scores. When students are adept with GDC skills, they may be able to complete Paper 2 in half the allotted time.

By combining foundational knowledge with exam-specific strategies, Mr. Goh provides students with the tools they need to succeed in mathematics. With his proven methods and dedication to his students’ success, Mr. Goh can make a significant difference in improving their grades in a short amount of time.

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Key Takeaways