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Are You Tired of Getting D’s, E’s and F’s for Maths?

Are You Frustrated By Boring Maths Teachers Who Don’t Know Their Stuff?

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Mr Goh is an excellent Maths teacher, with a well-deserved pedigree under his belt. Being an ex-teacher from 3 different JCs and an world-renowned IB school, he clearly understands the syllabus and the questions posed by both Cambridge and the IB board…

Wayne Lee – Anglo Chinese Junior College (Score: A in H2 Math)

Mr Clifford Goh has helped me a lot with my Mathematical Exploration. Initially, I did not have much understanding about this component of HL Math and was unable to even submit a sound proposal to my teacher…

Wen from Anglo Chinese Independent School (Score: 7 for HL Math)

Mr. Goh is a passionate teacher who has helped me through both my Mathematical Exploration (ME) and my HL Math papers. Being his student for a year, he has helped me tremendously in my understanding of complex mathematical concepts and also …

Megan from Anglo Chinese Independent School (Score: 7 for HL Maths)

Specialist in O’ Level, IGCSE, A’ Level, IB Mathematics