New Tutor On Board

Are you tired of scoring poor marks for the IB, and not having a clue of what is going on? I completely understand, because that was me, before I figured out how to study smart, not hard.

I graduated from the IB with 44 points, and managed to top my entire IB cohort for HL History by scoring 90% in total. Here are my grades as follows:

  • Higher Level (Grade / Percentage)
  • History: 7 (90%)
  • Mathematics: 7 (94%)
  • Economics: 7 (88%)
  • Standard Level (Grade / Percentage)
  • Chemistry: 7 (88%)
  • Chinese: 7 (95%)
  • Language and Literature: 6 (75%)
  • Bonus 3 points
  • TOK: A / (25/30)

Mathematics Extended Essay: B

For 5 out of 6 subjects, I exceeded the grade boundary for a 7 by OVER 10%. I topped the entire cohort in HL History and achieved these grades, not out of pure coincidence, but through a culmination and refinement of studying methods that I had discovered through trial and error over my two years in the IB.

Since I was young, I had always sought to study SMART. I’m not advocating to learn less, i’m insisting that the best way to learn, is by implementing the right study methods to maximize your learning whilst reducing burnout.

Halfway throughout IB, I began tutoring a friend of mine, who was scoring rock bottom marks for HL Economics. He simply could not grasp or link the numerous concepts involved, and his essays were a complete mess. However, after he began to adopt my methods and guidelines towards studying for HL Economics, he eventually scored an impressive 83% for his IB Exam. Not bad for someone who had previously left an entire essay question blank for our preliminary examinations.

Now, you might ask, what does this have to do with me? It has everything to do with you, because I am here to impart my knowledge to help and benefit your learning. As an IB alumni, I know the syllabus like the back of my hand, as well as the right methods that will guarantee top marks. Forget hiring tuition teachers who are outdated or unfamiliar with the constant changes to the syllabus, or tutors who are completely clueless about how to help with your IAs. I guarantee that under my tutelage, you will not only witness your score increasing, but you will also develop a newfound passion and understanding for the subjects that you take. Moreover, you will gain access to my dossier of top-class notes that enhanced and complemented my learning throughout.

I am able to offer tuition services for HL History, HL Economics, SL Chemistry, and Theory of Knowledge.

If you are a secondary school student, I am able to teach History and Chemistry at a secondary school level.

You may be wondering why I omitted HL Mathematics from the list of subjects I can teach. Although I scored great marks for Mathematics, I refuse to offer tuition services for subjects where I cannot absolutely guarantee a 7. HL Mathematics is a subject which requires years of accumulated knowledge for one to confidently teach. Mr Goh is one such example, as he is the most experienced Mathematics tutor I know, with over two decades of teaching experience under his belt in various institutions, including teaching the IB for close to 10 years.