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Mr Goh has a very broad and thorough understanding of Mathematics concepts which he ensures is clearly passed on to his students. For me, this helped build a strong foundation which was further boosted by the ample amount of practice he provides. With his unique knowledge of little-used exam tips and strategies (such as GDC shortcuts, alternative solutions to problems, or quick ways to check answers), he helps his students find faster ways to solve problems which can be very helpful in saving time during exams.

Additionally, Mr Goh has a keen eye for detail and thorough knowledge of what examiners are looking for in a student's work. Along with his ability to connect the concepts he teaches across various topics and to real-world implications, he can definitely help students achieve a deeper understanding and appreciation for Math.

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EthelynAnglo Chinese International School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2023)

Mr. Clifford Goh tutored me in IB Mathematics Analysis & Approaches and is, by far, the best math teacher I've ever had. He took my math grade from a 4 to a 7. I joined him towards the end of my first IB year.

Being tutored online was foreign to me, leaving me skeptical about the whole concept and signing up with him. However, contrary to popular belief of online teaching being less effective than in person teaching, he still managed to effectively impart his rich math knowledge into me. When I joined him, he completely opened up my eyes and changed the way I viewed math as a subject.

Before, I used to accept formulas as they were taught to me, never questioning how they were derived or applied. This approach worked well for me in secondary school, taking O levels. When I entered IB, Mr. Goh helped me realize that this method of learning was not effective in higher levels of education.

Of course, there was a steep learning curve at the start, where I did not really understand many applications, proofs, "tricks," and ambiguous situations that he said were "important to know," reflected in my grade 4 result during the end-of-year promotional exams. However, these "tricks" eventually clicked, proving extremely useful in solving IB math questions, just as Mr. Goh said.

His teaching method, making me fully understand the formulas instead of memorizing them, was a refreshing change from my previous view of the subject, making me appreciate what I learned from him, which he called "real maths." He advocates for this way of learning because he himself frequently questioned the "why" and the "how," enabling him to have a deeper understanding of the subject than any teacher I've had without exaggeration.

One thing I truly admire about Mr. Goh is that he is not afraid to be hard on me. There have been many instances where he loses his patience because of my stubbornness or the number of careless mistakes I make, revealing his true passion for mathematics and teaching in general. I've talked to Mr. Goh many times after he lost his patience with me, and I've established that it is not personal, and I prefer it this way. In fact, I want to and am here in his class to learn from the best. This also lets me strike a perfect balance of fear and respect for Mr. Goh, whom I look up to.

Additionally, Mr. Goh’s teachings extend beyond the realm of mathematics. He occasionally tells me stories and teaches life skills and money management, cautions me about situations in university, and shares how he managed to land in the position he is in today - in his early 50s, semi-retired, teaching simply out of passion.

Initially, like many, I thought his fees were hefty. However, I believe that you truly have to experience one of these classes yourself to understand the verbal liquid gold he distills for you from decades of knowledge. You pay for what you get, and I'm sure to attain a 7, build a deep appreciation for the subject, and learn math in a new way where the benefits of this learning style can carry over into university. It is absolutely worth it.

If anyone reading this testimony is still contemplating signing up with Mr. Goh, I strongly advise you to sign up with him for a few sessions just to understand what I mean. If you end up staying with him for as long as I did, I'm sure in the following years you will be in the exact same position as me, writing an extremely passionate testimonial because it is the least I could do after what he has done for me.

RyanAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2023)

I joined Mr Goh a few months before my promotional exams in year 5, concerned for my HL mathematics grades as I was struggling to keep up in class. While I understood how to solve basic questions, I realised I did not have a grasp on facing challenging questions. In just a few sessions, Mr. Goh skillfully unraveled the complexities of HL mathematics, providing me with invaluable tips and tricks that not only bolstered my problem-solving skills but also completely changed my entire approach to the subject. His approach went beyond merely explaining the "whys" of mathematical concepts. He illuminated the inherent beauty of mathematics, showcasing its elegance in addressing complex problems. Through his guidance, I not only learned to navigate challenging questions with confidence but also developed a profound appreciation for the artistry inherent in mathematical reasoning.

Mr. Goh's impact extended far beyond the realm of mathematics. His insights and advice on navigating IB preparations, other academic subjects, considerations for university applications, and life experiences proved to be invaluable. Through our interactions, I absorbed lessons that transcended the boundaries of academia, shaping my perspective and fostering personal growth. In particular, Mr Goh’s passion for mathematics not only motivated me to do my best but also inspired me to develop myself further in my own interests.

I believe that Mr Goh’s guidance was the driving force behind my success in HL Mathematics in my IB examinations. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be his student.

NivethaAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2023)

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