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Although I have only attended Mr Goh’s math lessons for a few months. I am thrilled to share that my math proficiency has undergone a magnificent transformation. From my common tests to the IB exams, my results have improved tremendously all thanks to the unparalleled expertise of Mr Goh. His remarkable gift for pinpointing common questions and then expanding on them to create new ones has challenged me to think beyond what I thought was possible. Mr Goh's unique approach has introduced me to a variety of problem-solving techniques that have boosted my confidence and expanded my understanding of the subject. I am incredibly grateful for his guidance, which has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in my academic journey.

I was consistently failing or borderline passing HL Mathematics before seeking Mr Goh's help. Through his guidance I have been able to attain a high 6 for IB and have a deeper understanding of various mathematical concepts. His classes trained my critical thinking while familiarising me with IB-style questions and how best to go about tackling them. - Hannah from SJI (Grade 6 for HL Math)

ClarisseAnglo Chinese Independent School
Grade 7 for HL Math (2022)

Prior to seeking Mr Goh's guidance, I was struggling with HL Mathematics, and my grades were consistently failing or borderline passing. Fortunately, I decided to reach out to Mr Goh, and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Under his tutelage, I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my performance, culminating in a high 6 for IB, which I am incredibly proud of.

Mr Goh's approach to teaching Mathematics is exceptional, as he not only imparts his knowledge but also trains his students to think critically. I found his classes to be extremely engaging, as he familiarised me with IB-style questions and showed me the best ways to approach them. Through his guidance, I have gained a much deeper understanding of various mathematical concepts, and my confidence has grown tremendously.

Mr Goh's expertise has undoubtedly played a crucial role in my academic journey, and I am extremely grateful for his support. I firmly believe that without his guidance, I would not have achieved the level of success that I have. Thanks to him, I have not only been able to overcome my struggles but have also developed a genuine love for Mathematics.

Overall, I would highly recommend Mr Goh to anyone who is looking to improve their understanding of Mathematics. His classes are transformative, and his expertise is unparalleled. Whether you're struggling with the subject or simply want to enhance your skills, Mr Goh is the ideal teacher who can help you reach your goals..


HannahSt Joseph's International
Grade 6 for HL Math (2022)

Before going for Mr Goh’s lessons, I consistently had gotten a Grade 2-3 for the various tests and exams. After his committed tutelage, I have managed to attain a Grade 7 in the IB Math AA syllabus examination in a relatively short time frame.

Mr Goh, paced me to learn the topics with sufficient depth, while making the necessary connections with other topics.  He starts off with a simple idea, and builds on it to a complex idea so that you can truly appreciate the beauty behind every theory or formula.  Mathematics became less mundane and more fun to learn. Internal Assessment (IA) for mathematics is particularly daunting for many, as teachers in school typically provide skimpy feedback, owing to the time constraints and IB restrictions. Especially when I'm doing IA, he has provided very good ideas as well as consistent and detailed guidance, for after his years of experience as an IB teacher, he knows precisely what the examiners are looking for.  Since IA is a very important component of the grade, as it constitutes 20% of the final grade, Mr Goh has helped me secure a high grade in IA and I therefore would not have as much pressure to do extremely well for the final written examination.

Lastly, Mr Goh teaches you certain GDC savviness that are unknown to students and teachers to not only double check, but more importantly, obtain the answers in the fastest manner. Time is of the essence in Math AA syllabus examinations and these skills will be essential in maximising your grades.

Kaile (2nd Testimonial)SJI
Grade 7 HL Math (2021)

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